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Help me; climate change

I woke to this headline this morning.

"Simply mind-boggling’: world record temperature jump in Antarctic raises fears of catastrophe"

Shared by my friend, the brilliant, Belinda Weir on her 'x/Twitter' feed along with the reflection that so many are essentially worrying about 'what to have on their cornflakes' whilst our planet is in a spiral decline.

It worries me; it really does.

In fact it scares me and I don't like living in fear; I've lived a life leaning into it.

Why do we keep walking past the reality that we need to act globally and rapidly?

Why do we keep accepting that our governments, global leaders and the largest corporates keep promising much but doing very little?

And why do we keep on keeping on, 'mice on a treadmill' and 'frogs in a boiling pan' - literally - not noticing or accepting what's going on?

Here are 4️⃣ potentials:

1. We think we are powerless to make change happen

- We aren't we can vote for it, we can engineer our organisations to address it and we can do 'day to day' activities differently.

2. We think it's someone else's job

- it isn't; as partners, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues we've people who are 'in our care' and ultimately caring for them includes using the platform we have to bring change.

3. We are too busy; that's tomorrow and we're dealing with the now.

- I'm sorry to tell you but we're already in mitigation time.

Tomorrow is here.

That new product you're developing, that new policy you're writing, that new department your building - everyone in it is already being effected, their children will be doubly so and in another 50 years, millions living in our warmest and coldest climates, our highest and lowest plains and our coastal locations could be facing devastation.


4. We are scared and this is driving us into denial.

- Fear of what's gonna happen connected to the three elements above, fear of being ridiculed if we speak up, fear of not being listened to in work, fear of choosing the wrong political party etc.

Well I can tell you what I'm scared of most - my children and yours being left in the mire when I'm gone.

My purpose is to help good people lead great things and what could be greater than mitigating climate disaster?

Help me.

I'd like to speak to people at the 'coalface' of leaning into the climate crisis and see how I can utilise my skills to help them.

Who should I follow here on LinkedIn who is:

1. Challenging our leaders around the world to mitigate climate change?

2. Championing climate related organisational change?

3. Leading the way in leaning into the rest of climate change?

'@ - the names of those you feel I should follow and speak to in the comments below.

I will be eternally grateful.


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