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Psychological safety; who's place is it?

Psychological safety.

So many posts about providing psychological safety.

So many with the emphasis on the 'leader' to provide it.

Sure - with position comes great responsibility but I think we're missing something.

(Positional) Leaders are human too.

We need to talk less about just waiting to receive it.

We need to talk more about giving it to those you seek safety from (the positional leaders) too.

We need to talk more about being it, speaking about it and exploring it with our positional leaders for all.


Many leaders I work with have felt the need to be:

- Perfect

- Everything to and for everyone

- The perfect partner, husband, wife and parent

It's a noble aspiration

... but that's all it is; something tp work towards rather than attain.

If we accept that leadership is not just about position - then let's all accept too, that we all have a role to play in creating psychological safety for those around us including for and with the positional leader.

It's all about whether we recognise our accountability too.

What we give we tend to receive and I for one think that's where the discussion lies.

I'm an an executive performance coach; I help great people lead great things.

By helping them build self belief, make decision and create and follow through on a success strategy

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Image courtesy of this wonderful piece on creativity and psychological safety here:

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