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You are the sea...

You crash

You bash 

You smash 

You drive 

You writhe 

You scythe  

You wake

You break 

You peak 

You erode 

...then you retreat 

You build 

You carry 

You posit 

You marry 

You raise 

You drop 

You gift 

You sift 

You drift 

You wash 

...then you retreat 

You rise 

You fall

You peak 

You stall 

You barrel 

You swell 

You hook 

You rake 

You take

You shoulder 

...then you retreat 

You are the sea 

You have great force; you dictate so much. You have beauty; you have power. You are a gift to guide our day. 

But you are not limitless...

You see; even the sea ebbs and flows, it flattens and slows. It goes out after it comes in. 

Even the sea needs to rest. Twice daily. 

You have tides too. 

You need days of calm just as you need days of storm. But storm cannot be the norm. 

And just as you leave the beach to rest. You must rest from time to time too. 

It’s ok; I promise. You deserve it. 

No one questions the sea when she is calm they just comment on her beauty. 

You deserve that too; such that you may come back tomorrow with purpose and power and build a beach for me and for you. 

You are the sea...

Stefan 21/05/2020 - 07:36 

(Some) explanation 

You work with incredible force and purpose yet rarely do you allow yourself to pause. You gift it to others but are unable to gift it to yourself. 

Eventually if you keep giving; one day you will have no choice but to take, or break, and I don’t want that for you. 

So remember. The power of the sea does not diminish when it ‘goes out’ it’s only resting, for a few hours, then it comes back, sometimes, even stronger. And no one forgot it was there. 


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